Changing White Label SEO

What started as a "train me" on SEO turned into a Game Changer!

Back in 2010 I (Will Robins) worked with an Russian turned Australian that knew how Google's algorithm worked. I offered to work for him (nights) in exchange for training and learning.

From a few years of working on "Mega" clients for him I learned what made the search engines tick. I then went out and bought some sites that would help me rank. I wasn't thinking PBN as I wanted to become a publisher.

So I bought some real sites and took every writing and publishing course available. I recognized that Google was changing. I also knew that the most successful SEO's started as bloggers. This lead me to publishing content on my sites and ranking. Then writing in some large publications. Then getting my own column in some large sites. I wanted to up my game. I had the recognition. Time to buy some big sites.

These real sites with extraordinary metrics are next to impossible to find. I made some crazy deals and located some defunct startups from the dotcom era. This became a go to for people seeking "guest posts" on High DA domains.

Jump ahead to 2015 and I am recognized as a thought leader in SEO. I love content first and understand writing and storytelling. I create a product for people seeking me out to "Rank" their site. I sign up with some VC's and Marketing Co-Ops. That success brings more people wanting my system.

So now I rank some big brands. They were not brands when I was ranking them, that is part of what I did right. I chose well. I had a good (small) team of 2 other guys. Bill (best friend) and Jordan (my son). We started gaining exposure as the SEO geniuses behind a few campaigns. So we put together what we were doing for the brands and ran a test market. That became Rankpath. Links and processes that get links that work. Not some PBN and you can't just "get it." You order and we work.

The origins

Where it started

It started as a handful of sites that wanted "me" to rank them. I had some sites I published on. What would happen if I mix real content with SEO? Voila... Perfect recipe. Scaling it only with amazing processes. Insert Bill (process king) and Jordan (my son) to help complete orders.

Attracting users

LinkedIn and scraping. Then I went on a content writing fury. I figured out how to attract agencies with a few conversations via email.

Hiring the 2 guys

Bill partnered with me and Jordan was in between classes at college. It wasn't a choice. It was a need. I had some work that needed two things. Process to fulfill easier (Bill) and someone to manage the day to day simple things to push orders out (Jordan).

Time to take over the world

We are never looking to even compete with some of the larger white label SEO options out there. We want to stay rather boutique and manageable. We offer a unique product set and love that. We don't want to be all things to all people. We do good staying in our lane.

Why Rankpath?

Loved the branded domain name for my first "app." I also needed something to distinguish my brand from others. Why should you use us? We are real. Everything about us is real.

Getting investment

We have been bootstrapped so far. If you are interested... We can talk :)

It's party time

We haven't hit this stage yet but... It is always time to be joyful, peaceful, and free of lust. We love a positive atmosphere and strive because of it. Our clients love us and our partners are amazing. We keep it that way out of necessity and by choice. I like to joke and talk. In all seriousness we focus on helping great people that put faith in us. We can't let them down.

To Mars and beyond

We have some rather big ideas about creating a huge network of websites that rank in some big niches. We also love shiny objects. For now we are staying grounded and working with the partners that put faith in us.

The Future Of SEO Is Traffic. Not Junk Traffic, Real Traffic.